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Charts and Handouts Last Updated 06.25.04

NPC Note Sheets - Damage ratings and space for notes, great for slapping together fast NPC's or running smooth combat

Quick NPC Types - As described in Ninja's, Gang's and Security Personell below.

Lonestar Investigation Report - This is the form that I use for when the characters get thier hands on Lonestar reports.

Calculated Success Statistics - A simple table showing the chances of getting 1 success vs. target numbers.

NPC's Last Updated 06.28.04

Ninja's, Gang's and Security Personell

Matrix Last Updated 06.26.04

Computer "Packages" to make building decker easier

Security Sheafs - Randomly Created Using Matrix Rules

Magic Last Updated 01.27.05

Way of the Gun - Oh come on... everyone ELSE has rules for this, why can't I?

Demon Summoners - And you thought deals with dragons were bad!