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Demons Summoners Jun.27.04

The Summoner's Path

The lure of power calls to everyone. Some ignore it, some listen to it in their weaker moments, and some become slaves to their own petty desires. For a member of the awakened the call of power is constant, and those who become it's slaves will never be satisfied. No magician starts life as a summoner, it must be sought out directly. None can turn down this path by any choice but there own.

A summoner deals with demons. Demons are shadow spirits of man who corrupt for reasons only they can understand. They seem to take pleasure in the pain of others, and are desperate to become free spirits. These uncannily powerful spirits are more than willing to make a devils bargain to go free, and a hermetic mage on a quest for power may well take them up on thier offers.

Making Contact

Only a Full Magician or a Conjurer may attempt to become a summoner. To make contact with a Demon requires several steps. First the mage must self initiate by completing an astral quest to find a metamagic place of great torment. This can be torture, sorrow, pain or any other "pure" form of anguish. The character must then make a bargain with a demon to help set it free. Once this bargain is made, he has accomplished the initiation task, and thusly initiates. The character will be told the demons true name (by the demon) and must use it in the summoning later on.

The character then summons the demon as per normal summoning rules (pg 111, Magic in the Shadows) except that he does not lose any magic rating or spend any karma... yet. The force of the spirit is equal to one and a half times the characters charisma (Summoner's Charisma x 1.5). When it is time to determine whether or not the character can attempt to control the demon he has a choice. He can utter the demons true name, and take control of the demon as if he were a normal ally, or he can magically forget the name forever and let the demon go free.

If the player attempts to control the demon it will count as a normal ally spirit, to find it's force rating multiply the characters Charisma by 1.5 rounding down. The character must pay karma at this time as if designing a spirit ally of the appropriate force, but does not have to pay for any of the demons "extra abilities", nor may he enhance his demon in any way, including ritual of change. A demon counts as a spirit with the following powers; Sorcery, Materialization, Three-Dimensional Movement and Possession. It knows force x 10 levels of spells, up to its force rating as decided by the GM (be malicous). It has Force x 2 Reaction (but only 1d6 initiative) and Force x 2 Body and Strength.

Characters attempting in any way to reveal the demons name to someone else (even writing it down for later or having the name stolen from his mind via magic) will find that he cannot let the demon go free, but must attempt to control it.. At this point the demon counts as a summoned ally with force greater than the players charisma. If the player falls unconcious during summoning or cannot afford the karma cost of the ally formula the demon goes free as normal (and is probably unhappy with the summoner who still knows it's name). As a spirit with force greater than the characters charisma, a demon will attempt to free itself any time the character falls unconcious... it will usually attack the player directly afterwards.

The players second choice is to set the spirit free, magically forgetting it's true name in the process. In so doing he does not spend a magic point, or any additional karma. Instead he gains 1 point worth of adept adept powers. These demonic gifts show themselves by physically warping the character. The points must all be spent immediately, and cannot be saved up for later. A character could use this point to purchase multiple levels of an ability, (Great Leap 4, small wings on his back) or several abilities (thermal vision and magnified vision, constantly red glowing eyes) but they must all be explained by one new physical trait. Be creative to come up with crazy stuff, this isn't so much a restriction, as a call for creativity.

All this power comes at a price however. These gifts clearly mark the mage. Each time he summons a new demon he gains another gift, and for each gift he gains a +2 to all difficulty numbers in summoning non-devil spirits. In the process he gains understanding of devils, and may summon Devil's of the elements with force up to twice the number of gifts he possesses. They act as normal elementals of Fire, Air, Water or Earth. Once a character starts down the path of demon summoning, the only way to regain the conjuring power he lost, is to continue down this lonely road of self initiation and demon freeing.

GM's should decide how other characters react to the players new visage, and how awakened characters will react to his clearly demonic summonings. A free Demon Spirit can be subtle in it's evil, staying in astral form most of the time, or it can be overt, tossing cars and requiring immediate reaction from awakened law enforcement. It will not intentionally harm the mage who set it free unless he attacks it, nor is it possible to coerce (magically or otherwise) a demon into revealing it's summoner. If the mage who summoned it attempts to banish it, or aids those who wish to banish it, he will immediately lose a point of charisma or willpower (whichever is higher, play choice if they are equal), and if the demon finds out (which it probably will) the player will have a very angry demon on his hands.