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Lonestar Report 06.21.2004

Lonestar General Report

My runners find themselves trying to find reports filed by lonestar officers as clues a lot. One of them even has a contact who can smuggle them print outs of filed reports. Whenever they are investigating a crime or even a persons background, I find this form fits my needs perfectly. It is modeled after real modern day police paperwork, and looks nice and official when you hand them this hand out. It makes for a great game prop. Simply fill out each section as described below.

In my game world Lonestar uses a writing stylus pad much like modern day fed-ex drivers. They fill out each section in handwritten form. This is how Lonestar prevents hijacking of their system for filing of false reports. Each officer undergoes extensive handwritting analysis, and is allow to only write in capital letters on the forms. These forms are then filed in a central computer, and are NEVER altered after the fact. So feel free to just print out the form and write on it. Hacking into lonestart to take their printouts isn't hard, but CHANGING them is.

So now I am sure your asking "what goes in these spots?" Ok, some of them are pretty self explainitory, for those that aren't here are some tables! They are missing a lot, but they should give you an idea how to form a consistent code system that at least looks good on paper.

Common Crimes Lonestar Code / Section
Breaking and Entering LS - 236
Arson LS - 240
Petty Theft (under 500¥ ) LS - 266
Grand Theft LS - 667
Murder LS - 488
Meta-Human Hate Crime LS - 446
Assault and Battery LS - 484
Vandalism LS - 448
Automotive Assault LS - 490
Automotive Accident LS - 112
Location District - Section
Redmond STL - RED
Renraku Arcology STL - REN
Pullayup STL - PUL
Aztechnology Pyramid STL - AZT
Corporate Land Corporation Name
Salish-Shidhe SS - 000
Race Code
Human HMN
Dwarf DWR
Troll TRL
Other OTR