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"I never killed a man"... "I didn't ask that"..."Well you should"  

I felt it was time I chimed in on this whole "way of the gun" fad that has been going around. If you look on any Shadowurn messageboard you're going to see at least one post in the top 20 about this subject. So I tested some rules, played around with the flavor and I think I finally came up with some powers that are actually unique, without just making a magical street samurai.

So here are the powers... oh and here is a printable version.


Movies and television shows are chock full of characters who have supernatural abilities with firearms. In the world of Shadowrun the street samurai typically rules the gun fight, but many players wish to build a character with a more "Zen" like flare for their duelist. Not all of these powers are right for every Way of the Gun adept. A gun adept can be anything from a Western Gunslinger, Zen "One with the Gun" fighter or a practiced super skilled sniper.

In addition to the new powers below, many adepts take increased reflexes and eyesight powers such as magnification and thermographic vision. A gun adept is likely to have several firearms skills, as well as B/R skills to accompany them, as an adept wishes to know everything there is to know about his art.

Typical centering techniques involve meditation, aiming or build and repair skills such as making ammunition or assembling a rifle. Focus items might come in many forms including holsters, sunglasses, special scopes or an article of clothing. While firearms cannot gain weapon focus benefits for fireing bullets, they can certainly have bayonets or small blades attached to them to count as a weapon focus in hand to hand combat.

It is important to note that most of these powers may not be used with a Smartlink system, as the adept must focus on his entire body rather than just the retical displayed on his eye. If a Way of the Gun adept has a Smartlink system installed he will find many of his powers much more difficult to use.

Never An Empty Chamber
Cost: .25
Rather than spending a simple action to eject a clip and another simple action to insert a new clip into a weapon the adept may reload weapons with incredible speed. Ejecting and inserting a clip can now be done together as a simple action. In addition a weapon that uses a cylinder can be reloaded as a simple action without the use of a speed loader. Weapons that use single shot rules (old rifles and many sniper rifles) may be reloaded as a free action. Heavy weapons may not be reloaded in this way.

Bullet Time
Cost: 2, 3 or 5
The character may automatically add a portion of his Athletics dice any time he designates combat pool to dodge with, up to the number of combat pool used. This ability may not be used when wearing armor with a total armor rating greater than the characters Quickness.

Rating Cost Dice Added
1 2 1/3 of Athletics Skill
2 3 2/3 of Athletics Skill
3 5 All of Athletics Skill

Two Become One
Cost: 1
By firing two pistols in SA mode the character may treat them as one weapon in BF mode by spending a complex action. Use the higher weapons damage code, but the lower weapons range modifiers, if they are different. This ability cannot be combined with ambidexterity, as the adept is treating the two weapons as one. If both of the weapons can be fired in Burst Fire mode already, the adept may fire both weapons together as Fully Automatic fire of 6 rounds. Any uncompensated recoil from either weapon is added to the final target number. Deduct 2 bullets from the weapon with higher damage weapon, and 1 bullet from the secondary weapon.

Lead Like Rain
Cost: 2
The adepts reflexes are so well honed that he can pull a trigger at inhuman speeds. To represent this ability he may fire SA weapons Burst mode. All uncompensated recoil is doubled, as the weapons grip and design is not meant to fire that fast.

One with the Gun
Cost: .5
The adepts firearms are an extension of himself, allowing for superhuman aim. In addition his eyes can track objects that are incredibly small and moving at high speeds. As a complex action the adept may fire a single called shot without suffering any target number penalties other than range or wound penalties.