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Ninja's and Mafia and Gangers OH DREK Jun.28.04

The first thing your going to notice in my on these stat boxes is the use of the word "Bond" as if it means something. You can read my article on "Character Level" and that will explain it all. I'm just going to talk about how you can quickly use these stat lines in conjunction with the bond score to quickly create on the fly encounters that make a challenge for your players.

Here is a printer friendly version of all the NPC types I use. When used in conjunction with my NPC Damage Sheet you can quickly and easily create an on the fly combat encounter. The nice thing about these printouts is that you can write all over them and then just print another one later on. At the end of a run my sheets are clearly a mess, with quick math and additions done right on the page.

I often change the race of a few characters (just to change things up and make combat flow better), and you should too. There are two ways to describe a group of characters. The first way sounds like this "There are 6 gang members running across the street at you, roll for initiative". The second sounds like this, "The small gang across the street takes interest in your actions. Two of the members sitting down stand and begin to eyeball you. You see now that their leader is an ork, and as he walks directly across the street towards you, this gang fans out in a line behind him."

I also tend to give my quick npc's destintive scars, hair styles, clothing or weapons just to set them apart and make decleration easier. "I shoot a gang member" isn't nearly as cool as "I shoot the ganger with the long coat and the pink day-glow mohawk". That's where all the scibbling comes into play. So here is a list of my typical NPC's, and some ideas on what you can do with them.

Ninja Warrior / Assasin
This represents the most basic "covert" assailant. Perfect for groups of guys breaking into your runners hideout, or even guarding a master. The Street Mage from SR3 can be used as a "wujen" to accompany the group if you need some magical aid. The leader could be represented by slightly increased stats, or even as a physical adept with a weapon focus of force equal to the groups Bond rating.

Security Guard
This is by far the most common NPC type in my games. If I don't have time to build a "special" security force in advance of the run I can easily create an appropriate sized security force with this NPC type. I will usually give one or two a "specialty" weapon, like a Roomsweeper, just to keep things interesting. If the players are on harsher corporate ground, the Gel rounds go away, and are replaced by EX rounds, or flechette.

Mafia Thug
I can't tell you how many times my players have failed to deliver on their end of a deal with an underboss. When that happens, Thugs come looking for them. These guys are tough, but not to smart. If I really want to turn up the heat I will make one a troll by adding in the troll modifiers and handing him a Vindicator Minigun

LoneStar Officer
If the players don't stop the officers from calling for backup, they will do so the second they get a good assessment of the situation. This happens when runners pull weapons, start acting threatening or when they just plain make the officers jumpy. Officer equipment is standard issue, but their skills very widely. It's odd how the more skilled characters seem to meet up with the skilled cops.

Gang Members
I like to mix up the weapon that the gang members are using. Some have knives, some use chains ect. They all basically have the same (STR + 1)M damage code, but some get more reach and so on. Giving the gang a "Gang Witch" also isn't a bad idea if you want to mix things up. Just give her a magic rating of 5, willpower of 6 and a 4S Power Ball to toss around. I will occasionally make the gang Orks as well, just to be mean.