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Dirty GM Tricks 2 Sep.08.04

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out new ways to mess with my players. I finally came up with one while busting a couple kids at work (I do corporate detective work). Drugs. Not just any DMSO cocktail that can mess with a PC... I would introduce a situation where they were dual natured.


Sorry. Anyway, the game right now has to do with breaking into the Renraku arcology and dealing with Deus. My players wanted me to run an "epic" Shadowrun campaign, and combined with flashbacks and all kinds of fun stuff I think I really gave them what they wanted. So now they are trying to track down the 3 other people who they played when I did the flashback. One of them was the groups fixer, the other a ninjitsu master and the last is an Amerindian named Susan Screaming Banshee. Thus the fun insues.

Up the mountain they go to where they think the ninjitsu master is, and in the process they inhale some wicked bad stuff that makes every one of them duel natured for a little while. Now comes the fun part... the astral space of the mountain side is nothing like the real world.

There are buildings and trees and a river that doesn't exist on the lava scarred slopes of the mountains real world location. To make matters more complicated they must simultaneously deal with both a purely real world, and purely astral threat. The maps I had to draw were insane.

So there you go kiddies, make your characters deal with two realities at once if you want to be truelly vile... I know I do.

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog