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Dirty GM Tricks 1 Aug.12.04

So my game has been going on a good long while now, and a lot of crazy things have happened for no apparent reason. The year is 2060 in my game (as we work our way up to 2064), so the Arcology is locked down, the Big D is recently dead and the year of the Comet is screaming our way.

So all this crazy shit is happening all around my player characters. Their contacts are dying, they are getting fired from their jobs, mentors eyes are getting clawed out and to top it all off they just pissed off a dragon. Now many times the players have asked themselves... "why did that happen?" mainly because there is no visible explanation for why any number of things happened.

Until this week. Everything came crashing down around them in an avalanche of answers they might not understand quite yet. I used a flashback and boy was it a blast. The night began by handing the players pre-generated NPC's. Each player got control over one of the notable NPC's in the game world. One got their fixer, another a Ninja master and so on.

They all go trapped inside the arcology on December 19th, 2059, two weeks before out campaign began. They ran around the arcology until they eventually got captured, brainwashed and released. Then Slider, our regular Decker, wakes up. It was all memories flooding back into his mind, for he was in fact one of the characters I handed out. He was in the arcology, and for the last few months has been working (unbeknownst to him) for Deus.

Now our game session will revolve around him tracking down the other 3 members of his team and freeing them of Deus's control, all while be tracked by fanatical Otaku and an A.I. that doesn't want it's experiments ruined. So now my players know why the Ninja Masters eyes were removed, why their fixer has a badly deformed jaw and even how a group of cybernetically enhanced children play into everything... well ok, maybe they just know that they do.

From here on out it's all non-payed runs... and eventually a trip back into the arcology to face the minions of Deus... and maybe the A.I. itself. So this week I learned that ANY storytelling element from a movie or book can be used in Shadowrun. So go out and run some crazy games people!

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog