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How to kill a Player Character Aug.12.04

I have been working pretty hard these last few weeks at building a scenario where one of the player characters actually dies. Now before you players out there start throwing wrotten eggs at your monitors in hopes that they might travel through cyberspace and exit my phone while I am talking to a telemarketer I must qualify what I'm saying.

My players have a lot of karma... a LOT. I wanted to make the group a bit weaker, and part of that meant taking away the extremely large karma pool at least one of the players had access too. When you are rolling 14 or 15 dice on an Edged Weapons test, and you have 7 karma with which to re-roll failures it makes it very difficult to create NPC's who will give one character a challenge without descimating the rest of the group. I needed to find a way to fix this without cheating the player out of anything.

We use the "Hand of God" rule in our game exactly for this reason. My trouble came in finding a way to kill off a character without singling him out in an unrealistic (and thus unfair) manner. Then it came to me... I would let him kill himself.

Psst... your line is "what the drek are you talking about dog?"

Well I will tell you. I let the player win so many one on one duels that he quickly decided this was the way to go. The character (Hatori) would often charge into close combat and attempt to slay one foe at a time very quickly. He isn't stupid about it, he would dodge between stuff, and block line of site ect. Generally he would act like a smarty smart ninja guy. This was his downfall however, predictability.

We are running through "Survival of the Fittest" among other things, and we got to the point in 'Elements' where the group gets ambushed by MCT. The MCT team opens things up for discussion and in the banter of it Hatori ends up challenging the head sorcery guy to a duel. Hatori dodges from tree to tree until he got close enough to attack the mage by using great leap for a series of attacks at the levitating magus.

Hatori slaughtered him while taking only minimal damage himself. That's when the other two NPC's standing right next to him jumped in and managed to kill him. So that's how you kill player characters.

Divide and Conquer. Get them away from the team and pick em off. No matter how powerful the PC, five guards can probably take him out. If they can't... bring in a Dragon.

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog