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Dungeon Crawls & Random Tables Aug.06.04

I will most likely update the site later with a section for my "stupid 1 shot runs" but man was this a great idea on my part...

So the gang calls me and says "we wanna play tonight". I'm at work, and have about 4 hours of preperation time. I work in Loss Prevention, which means I watch cameras and arrest shoplifters. This means that for a few hours while I keep an eye on some kids looking at DVD's and such I can let my mind wonder a little bit and prepare for the game session.

Then these three guys decide to try a grab and run. They load up a bunch of product and try to run out the front door. They just didn't know I existed. I'm standing at the front door ready to stop them, which involved this great strategy of letting them shatter the glass door with my head... they totally didn't see that plan coming. I got all the product back, but had to spend the next few hours of my shift filling out paperwork, talking to cops and bleeding from my noggin.

Oh yeah... so Shadowrun...

So I get to my buddies house and I've got nothing. So I reach into my bag of tricks from D&D and decided it was time for a dungeon crawl. Ghouls + Sewers + Random NPC numbers table = dead PC's. At least that's my hope. None of the PC's have died yet, and it's really high time one of them bit it so they stop bringing knives to gun fights.

I'll let you guys know how it went next week... we had to cut things short due to my minor cuncussion.

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog