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Rushing things Jul.29.04

I have this great idea, that involves running multiple campaigns with several GM's, all in the same interchangeable game world. The basic concept revovles around players taking on the role of fixers and corporate men in a political war against each other, using shadowrunner pc's to handle their dirty work.

Coming up with the ruiles to govern this has been a friggin' mess. I kept trying to come up with ways to handle fixers inventory, and the maneuvers of corporations on player levels. Then I realised there was a way better way to handle all this. Everyone is a double agent.

Each of my players is playing multiple characters, not all at once, but from game to game the Johnson picks a player character that is "needed" for the run, and that player selects the team he thinks he needs. So now a bunch of the characters are double agents for one group or another. It's created a bunch of really fun scenarios.

So now the undercover lonestar agent gets called in to help with a run on the yakuza, by an undercover reporter hoping to get a story. The undercover yakuza loyalist gets a call, but refuses the job (player says he wants to play his other character) but secretly warns his yakuza buddies.

At least this could happen... I can't wait for the players to start getting paranoid about who they ask for help. If I'm lucky I can start getting others to run adventures in the same game world, it's probably the only way I'll ever get to play.

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog