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The New Girl Jul.20.04

So one of my players brought his woman to my game this week. She is a great roleplayer, and for the record I was happy to have her there. This week I'm not talking about a fifth wheel. This week I learned a few tricks to encorporating the new player... and I do hope she plays with us again.

So the players have their biggest game run yet. The chance at a delta grade move-by-wire 2 that they can fence out for some serious cash. They have never taken on an AA corp before, and this was going to be a lot of fun. I convinced our new player to make a Face, cus... well... the rest of the group is un-crosomatic boars (+10 points for knowing where I got that phrase).

Breaking into an AA corp facility (transys neuronet for those curious) is tough. Especially for my group of mental misfits. We have an Ex-Renraku Security Decker, a Dwarf Wujen with a thing for "tall blondes" (a relative concept), a Street Samurai who's previous running group all died mysterious deaths, and a Ninja whose competence level is centered around ruthenium. What better to help them out than a new Face who has skills up the wazoo.

The group needed to retrieve a desk sized encoder... it just so happened that there was a huge amount of equipment going into and out of the facility as they replaced the computers and many of the office equipment. The players had a few great options, including stowing away on a truck, or comandering one themselves and just taking the encoder at their leisure. They had a skilled Face who really new her stuff. I was banking on a nice bit of trickery, and had the personalities of several characters all worked out.

I was banking on a combat low game, so I made sure the more combat oriented characters had a chance at some combat before the run itself. They just had to figure out how, and concoct a cover story.

So they tell the face to sit in the van. No kidding. Her job is to sit in the van and wait for them to come running out of the complex. There plan is to sneak into the complex using an invisibility spell. Now it wasn't a bad plan as plans go, but the characters new this was a training ground for a group of super cybered clones.

So this week I learned that the players will never follow the obvious plan. Well not these players. I had to work early the next day, and my energy level was at an all time low. I really just sat there going "what the fuck are they doing?" In the future I'm going to have to find some new ways to encorporate the face into our games... assuming she comes back.

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog