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Dirty GM Tricks 3 Sep.08.04

So one of my characters is well beyond the 150 karma mark. He is a physical adept who can pretty much own anything in realistic hand to hand combat. This is actually fine, but trying to build runs around him and a bunch of newbie runners can be... problematic. So what did I do?

I cursed him. Sort of. I developed a situation where I knew exactly what he would do. For those of you who have played survival of the fittest, feel free to read on... the rest of you... SPOILER ALERT!!! SPOILER ALERT!!! Ok now you have no excuse.

In Balance the players were at the top of the Wuxing tower re-fung-shui'ing the whole thing. The last step involves removing the Coin of Luck, and replacing it with some other magic ring thingy. I knew that Hitori (the ninja in question) would be the one to grab it. I decided that there would be a magic test to see how long the coin of luck affected the character. If the player for any reason spent a karma on the test (the did not know what the test was for) the coin would permenantly burn itself into them.

Hitori used a karma. The nice thing about Shadowrun in general is that they leave magic items really up to the GM's discretion. I checked aorund and could not find anything on the Coin of Luck. So I went nuts with it. I won't go into the exact rules of it, so that my player doesn't read it, but needless to say it isn't always good. Luck runs both ways, and now Hitori is going to have some serious problems.

So that's this weeks dirty trick. Take something famous, powerful sounding... and give it a negative side... or ONLY a negative side. MUWAHAHA!

Till later, this has been Luis the Dog